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Examine Your Fly

December 27th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I recently had the chance to visit the folks at the Leland Upgrade Program. I got to see where they take the photographs for the eBay ads.  Part of their setup is a live connection between the camera and computer monitor – providing instant feedback to the photography.

Seeing my fly, which looked pretty good to me coming out of the vise, blown up on a 22 inch monitor made me wince a bit. Lots of flaws were apparent. What a cool tool to improve my tying.

This can be duplicated at home. Many monitors are 1280 or 1440 pixels wide,  and an 8 mega-pixel image is 3500 pixels wide or so. You should be able to get your fly pictures to 500 pixels wide, which will give at least half the screen.  Give it a try.

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