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Baghdad Bugger

February 9th, 2009 · No Comments

The Baghdad Anglers Club is looking for donations of flies and other equipment that work in the combat zone. One particular pattern is black woolly-buggers with bead chain eyes for weight.  Here are the flies that I am calling Baghdad Buggers.

Start with a 3x or 4x streamer hook, Dai-riki 710, size 6 is used here. Add eyes, bead chain or lead. Black 6/0 or 140 denier thread. A dab of zap-a-gap on the thread before tying in the eyes, and a small soak of zap-a-gap after.

About a dozen wraps of 0.020 lead wire (or depleted uranium if you have it), followed by tying in the black marabou tail.  Notice how the tail butts against the lead wraps, which makes for a smooth, level underbody.

Tie in a small wire, red used here to complement the eyes. Tie in some black chenille, and a black saddle hackle. Then, a light coat of zap-a-gap to lock in all the tie-ins.

Wind the chenille forward, and tie off just behind the eyes. Do not cut the chenille yet.

Palmer the saddle hackle back towards the tail.  When you reach the tail, use hackle pliers to hold the saddle hackle in place before counter-wrapping the wire through the saddles. Counter-wrapping means going the opposite direction than you did for the saddle. If you wrapped the hackle clockwise, then counter-wrap counter-clockwise. This reinforces the saddle hackle, allowing the fisherman to catch a few more fish before the fly falls apart.

Finish the fly by covering the lead head with chenille, and tie off. Make sure you don’t cover the hook eye with chenille; try to tie off the chenille on top or side of the hook shank.

Tie a few and donate to the Baghdad Anglers Club.

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