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Fly Tying Tips – Tying Faster

February 10th, 2009 · No Comments

This week, the FFOTW fly tying tips podcast was about tying faster.

Notes from the podcast:

Tying faster
Production fly tying – not just for pros.
– Faster you tie, more flies in your box, more proficient & efficient
Planning & preparation
– choose simple patterns over complex
– Elk hair caddis, x-caddis over Goddard
– Joe Roope patterns from the FFOTW board.
– Bunny leeches & zonker strips instead of buggers
– Zebra midges, shop-vac, etc instead of copper john
– Plan to tie a bunch of a single pattern
– Clear your tying desk
– only have the tools & materials you will use out on your desk
– clean, uncluttered workspace
– Prep materials
– size and pull hackles off the neck/saddle
– put beads on the hooks
– spare spools of thread pre-threaded on spare bobbins

While tying
– sissors in hand. Get used to it
– mind your wraps.  2 to 4 wraps instead of 10 to 12
– keep a couple of inches of thread out of bobbin
– put each tool down in same place, put each material in same place
– hands are good tools
– Use fingernails to strip hackles, chenille, etc
– hand whip finish
– Don’t skimp on durability, though
– half hitch here, drop of glue there doesn’t add too much time
– learn from experience. I rarely counterwrap palmered hackle now, but always secure peacock

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