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Why not Dick?

February 15th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Fly fishing gets me away from life’s stresses. Work, bills, the 401k, politics, and war all disappear while fishing. I even weigh less while wading. So, when I read other fly fisherman who get upset that one of us happens to have been the vice president, I wonder what stresses them out so much. Dick Cheney is a life long fly fisherman and one of the most influential vice-presidents in history, we should be proud to have him among our ranks.

Now, I get an unhealthy amount of news from Cobert and Steward, so I think I understand why the left hates him. But most of the political opinions out there vastly exaggerates small differences in opinion and policy. These people are immersed in politics, so demonizing their opponents is  what they do.

However, we are fly fisherman. We reserve hatred and scorn for those that fish with other methods than our own.  Those great battles like those between casting dries upstream verses nymphing.  Those that tie with synthetics verses the all natural crowd.  Bamboo vs Graphite.

Dear readers, what is it about Dick Cheney that invites scorn from our community? Please comment.

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  • 1 Gary // Feb 18, 2009 at 7:57 am

    It must be long apparent that many FFer’s cannot separate out their hatred for ol’ W and Darth Cheney and their obsessive love for their finned daydreams. They appear to go together because ranters like Ted Williams carry the relentless prop message. There is little balanced commentary on any issue. It is all or nothing. The only saving grace is O will save Pebble Mine…(???) Yes, abuses happen and the habitat must be protected…but when I hear Global and Community and ‘mights’ ‘maybe’s’ and ‘could’s’ I glaze over…I actually have no great love for Cheney. He was and is, his own worst enemy. He should be more eloquent like his wife. Then perhaps we would know more about his origins and love of nature. Hard to tell by his public persona and of course the rants of his detractors. The shout down of the righteous will keep him out. Love your site!!!

  • 2 WhiskeyCreek // Feb 18, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for commenting. I like your site as well, visit daily.

    I’ve asked around about Cheney and see a lot of hate, with vastly exaggerated differences. Oh well, back to tying flies.

  • 3 Clint // Mar 3, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    Re: Cheney question.
    My reason for not liking the Vice-President and addressing the fraternity is one of honor.
    I heard Mr. Cheney during the campaign in 2000. He addressed a quetion from an FFA student. He talked of stewardship and his love for fly fishing. He discussed how important it is for the young to learn from adults to take care of resourses for the future. The students were impressed as were the adults in the audience. Once elected, his actions made a mockery of his answer. You have to live up to your stated philosphy. As a politican, that has been very difficult for Mr. Cheney.

    If he addresses the Fly Fishing community, which Cheney would be talking? How could the audience trust him and what he says? Why go through the exercise?

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