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Fly Days of August: Bead Body Caddis Pupa

August 13th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Tying with glass beads is fun and definitely adds some shine to your flies. Here is a caddis pupa tied with glass seed beads from the local craft store. These beads are the 11/0 size, which work for smaller sized hooks (16, 18).

Glass Bead Caddis Pupa

Glass Bead Caddis Pupa

Glass Bead Caddis Pupa

  • Hook: Pupa hook, size 16 (TMC 2487)
  • Body: 4 olive seed beads, size 11/0, secured with a thread bump and a drop of zap-a-gap
  • Antenna: Mallard or Wood Duck
  • Collar: Grey Ostrich

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