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Fly Days of August: Flashy Starling

August 5th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Here is a fun and easy pattern to tie. This works in smaller smaller sizes, down to 20, 22.  This one pictures is a size 18.

Flashy Starling

Flashy Starling

Flashy Starling

  • Hook: Standard Wet Fly hook, like Dai-Riki #070, size 16-22
  • Body: Several strands of peacock Krystal Flash
  • Rib: Small gold wire
  • Hackle: Starling body feathers

A small thorax would work on this pattern also. The rib is almost mandatory to improve the durability, otherwise 1 or 2 fish will tear this apart. You can improve durability a bit more by applying a thin layer of cement to the hook shank prior to wrapping the Krystal Flash.

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