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Fly Photography Series

August 3rd, 2009 · 1 Comment

This blog features a few fly photographs, and I think that I’ve gotten better through learning and practice. I’d like to share some of the lessons that I’ve learned in this process. These learnings will come through in a few upcoming posts which I’ll group with the tag Fly Photography.

Since this is a blog, and the hallmark of blogs is un-original writing, executed poorly, I’ll start this series by linking to other sites, that have original writing and are executed excellently.   There is no sense in my trying to duplicate the excellent writing and content of these smart gentlemen.

Martin Joergensen of Global Fly Fisher has a tutorial on fly photography.  The tutorial covers photography and scanning flies using a flatbed scaner.

Global Fly Fisher Lighting Setup

Global Fly Fisher Lighting Setup

Paul Dieter shows how to construct a fly studio out of scrap materials you may find around the house. His fly studio is includes a plastic light diffuser and reflectors to give even lighting 360 degrees around the fly.

Fly Studio

Fly Studio

Neal Osborne of Fly Art Studio has tons of information on his site.  He has written several tutorials ranging from a beginners guide to fly photography with a point and shoot camera to very technical tutorials on light.

Neal Osborns Point and Shoot Tutorial

Neal Osborn's Point and Shoot Tutorial

Next, I’ll describe my evolution in fly photography and describe equipment and techniques that have helped me capture flies on filmbits.

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